Sharing food, cultural diversity and wealth.

The Mission of EdmontonEats Culinary Events is to connect people through the celebration of food, culture and community that supports inclusion, belonging and economic opportunities for Edmonton’s refugees and newcomers.

EdmontonEats Products, Catering and Events

Cultural Cooking Kits: The Cultural Hosts of EdmontonEats have created six cooking kits that we know your friends and family will enjoy. They range in price from $6.00 – $20.00. Check them out.

Catering: We can help you plan your menu for any lunch, dinner, meeting, or event, large and small. These menu items can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Call Maureen at 780-893-8979. E-mail Please order a week or more in advance. Here is the menu.

Cooking Party : Deepen your connection with one of EdmontonEats’ Cultural Hosts by organizing a Cooking Party. During the Cooking Party, one of our Cultural Hosts will lead you through the preparation of a specialty cultural dish. It is a fun, interactive, learning experience.

Making falafels always a fun cooking event.

Spice Blends: The Cultural Hosts of EdmontonEats have created 5 different spice blends that can be used in their recipes to get an authentic taste of their home countries. Fills your home with wonderful smells from around the world.

Purchase spice blends from our on-line shop

Planning Community Events We have planned a number of community events including a Ukraine Feast and a celebration of indigenous food at The Gathering. Wonderful food, excellent entertainment and amazing information and connection with the people from the featured cultural. Check out the comments from past customers.

Here are some of the Cultural Hosts that make the food and plan events as part of EdmontonEats

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