Sharing food, cultural diversity and wealth.

The mission of EdmontonEats Multicultural Culinary Events is to connect people through the celebration of food, culture and community while providing economic and social capital opportunities for Edmonton’s immigrant and refugee communities.

A great big THANK YOU to all of you who purchased one of our Holiday Cultural Boxes. It was a great success and offered an excellent economic opportunity for our Cultural Hosts.

Maria, Doona, Afaf and Entessar contributed some wonderful recipes from their homelands and gave us all a fresh perspective on recipes, ingredients and techniques.

We are excited for what the New Year will bring as we plan other events which will include an Online Cooking Party. Learn, cook, play, connect and eat with us! Right in time for Valentine’s Day…stay tuned.

Many of our guests have requested more spice blends and tea blends that were featured in the Holiday Cultural Boxes, all of which will be available for purchase online…SOON!

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Next event

We are planning a virtual honey sweetened weekend full of cooking, learning, fun and connecting. Stay tuned for more details.

Some of the cultural dishes and spices enjoyed by our guests

Photos of the Action

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