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EdmontonEats is an emerging social enterprise that partners with local host families and culinary experts to create unique cultural dining experiences. We celebrate food, culture and community while providing economic opportunities for Edmonton’s immigrant and refugee communities.


EdmontonEats presents The Cultural Holiday Box Event
Launching Monday November 16th

Planning for our next event is well underway!

Cultural Hosts from Libya, Bangladesh, Syria and Somalia are creating their favourite
culinary delights- ingredients, spices and recipes- which will fill the holiday boxes. You can use these mixes and directions to try out their speciality dishes.

There are a number of partners getting involved to add additional items allowing for the
creation of a hosts and partners holiday box.

Plus, we are pleased to have NAIT’s 1st year Baking and Pastry Arts students participating in the EdmontonEats Cultural Holiday Box Event. They will be curating freshly baked cookies based on their cultural backgrounds as part of the event. Thank you Kelly Hobbs Bruzzese and Aaron Van Sloten for getting the students involved.

The Cultural Food Gift Box Event will be officially launched for on-line orders Monday
November 16th
. We have a limited number of boxes available. So you will want to place your orders early.

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Cultural Holiday Box Event

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