You’re Invited to Take a Trip with Your Tastebuds

Deepen your connection with one of EdmontonEats’ Cultural Hosts by organizing a Cooking Party. During the Cooking Party, one of our Cultural Hosts with the assistance of Chef Cindy Lazarenko will lead you through the preparation of a specialty cultural dish. It is a fun, interactive, learning experience.

The EdmontonEats Cooking Party will include:

  • Delivery to your home a recipe kit that will include specialty items or spice blends you need to prepare the dish(es).
  • A cultural component with the Cultural Host talking about their food and its cultural connection.
  • Skill testing games on the Cultural Hosts country with prizes.
  • You will receive by e-mail a recipe, grocery list, a prep list and suggestions for where to purchase unique ingredients beforehand. 

E-mail to get more information.

Book Your Party

Fill the form below to book your online cooking party. Expect a response 24 to 48 hours after your submission.

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