October 19th, 2019 @ Ernest’s Dining Room – NAIT

Message from Hostess Afaf:

Hello, my name is Afaf Bayoud. I was born in Libya. My husband, myself and our four young children came to Canada in 2014. What a journey it was…. both hard and exciting. My family and I proudly accepted our Canadian Citizenship in September.

I have worked very hard to learn English so I can communicate with my fellow Canadians.

Food is a passion of mine, I got my first lessons from my mother, she was so patient lol. I love food to be very tasty and to have a beautiful presentation. I hope someday I’ll be able to fuse together the Libyan and Canadian cuisines.

I became involved with EdmontonEats so that I could be more connected with my neighbourhood and get involved in the community. I am pleased to have this opportunity to share the culture and foods of my native country with other Canadians, so we can all become more enriched.

Mark you calendar for the first event of EdmontonEats. The evening will be Hosted by a family from Libya.
• Come and experience the food, smells, sounds and customs of Libya.
• Hear about one family’s journey to Edmonton as home.
• The recipes chosen by your Libyan Host are tried and true passed down through families from generation to generation.
• NAIT School of Culinary Arts will be preparing these traditional Libyan foods.

You will get to experience 7 of the traditional foods of Libya and develop an understanding of some of the cultural traditions of the country.

If you are interested in recreating the dishes from this event, please check out our recipes page!

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