The Flavours of Somalia meal will be delivered to your home on Saturday August 1st. Given we cannot meet in person we thought a lovely dinner during Heritage Weekend would be a way to celebrate food and culture with our community.  

·         The food will be prepared by the hosts from Somalia according to their traditional recipes and the wisdom of generations of family cooks.

·         You will receive access to a short video from the hosts sharing info on their culture.

·         Food will be prepared in a commercial kitchen that meets all the safety requirements required during this time of COVID.

·         The well-known and respected Chef Cindy Lazarenko will provide all planning, oversight and direction to the layout of the kitchen and the food preparation.

·         Chef Cindy Lazarenko has been an owner/chef/manager of both an independent restaurant and catering businesses for over 15 years, including the award winning Culina Highlands Restaurant and Culina Restaurants and Catering.

Your Food Box

A food box will arrive at your home in the late afternoon August 1st around 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

o    The food will be fully prepared and you will be able to heat it up for dinner.

o    Vegetarian options are available upon request.

o    Each food box will have a few surprise ingredients that you can use for future meals as well as a few recipes for you to try out.

o    Our sponsors will also contribute a few items to the box as a little extra.


Sambuus (Vegetable)

Digaag Duban (Spicy Chicken Dish)

Maraq Qudaar (Vegetable Stew for the vegetarian substitution)

Bariss (Rice)


Somali speciality hot sauce and salad dressing

Coconut Dessert

Cardamom Cake

Tickets can be purchased until July 27, 2020 by emailing

We look forward to providing you with a lovely dinner. Thank you for your support of EdmontonEats goals and values as we change over our business model.  

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