Welcome back! Afaf was the very first cultural host with EdmontonEats in October 2019 for the Taste of Libya held at Ernest’s Dining Room NAIT. It was an amazing evening.  A time for guests to try Libyan food and an opportunity for Afaf and her husband Jehad to share their culture.  Afaf is happy to be back for the Holiday Cultural Box Event.

She will be sharing ingredients, a spice blend and her recipe for pasta with chicken. It is sure to be a taste delight.

Food is a passion of Afaf. She got her first lessons from her mother.  “She was so patient”, chuckles Afaf.  Afaf loves food to be very tasty and to have a beautiful presentation.  She hopes someday to be able to fuse together the Libyan and Canadian cuisines.

” I became involved with EdmontonEats so that I could be more connected with my neighbourhood and get involved in the community.  I am pleased to have this opportunity to share the culture and foods of my native country with other Canadians, so we can all become more enriched.”  It is so nice to have her daughter Jwearia join in this event.


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