The Holiday Cultural Box Event is the first time Entessar has been a cultural host with EdmontonEats.  Welcome! Welcome! She will be putting together a recipe kit for her mother’s falafel recipe. Falafels made by Entessar are in high demand by her neighbors and family.

Entessar is from Daraa, Syria, a small city of 150,000 people. She moved to Jordan during the civil war and then to Canada in 2016.

To Entessar, Daraa is a special place because of the people and sense of community. Neighbourhoods are welcoming and people are connected. Everyone is considered family, no matter where they are from or what they do. It is a true, open community. Entessar recalls, growing up, no one would lock their doors.

Syrian homecooked dinners were community events for Entessar growing up. It was not uncommon that there would be 10-15 people from their neighbourhood dining together at a time.

She hopes her children can grow up to have opportunities to do what they love and support each other. This includes passing on traditional Syrian food so her mother’s legacy can live on for generations to come.

Entessar, Carley and Doona – three great friends.

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