The Holiday Cultural Box Event is the first event Maria has been a cultural host with EdmontonEats. The recipe kit she will be providing is a Curry Bengali Recipe. Maria hosted me for a lunch with her two lovely daughters with this amazing dish. I can still recall the lovely warmth and balance of the tastes.

Maria remembers the exact day she arrived in Edmonton, it was May 27, 2010.  Maria started her English language learning journey and training for employment.  She connected with local schools and became part of the community garden in her neighbour.  She loves to cook and share her cultural foods with others.

Maria comes from the Gopalgonj District in Bangladesh.  This is the district where the current Prime Minister is from.  She grew up in the Koligram Village of 10,000 people.  Maria speaks Bengali and English and understands Hindi. 

The Gopalgonj District is re-known for farming 200 varieties of fish on their fish farms. The climate is warm and it is easy to get your food fresh everyday. Marie’s mother still lives in the village and she takes her fishing rod to the fish farm and catches her dinner on a daily basis.  Fish and rice are the favoured foods in her village.

Visiting with neighbours and family at their homes to eat and talk is the way of life.  


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