Sharing food, cultural diversity and wealth.

The mission of EdmontonEats Culinary Events is to connect people through the celebration of food, culture and community while providing economic and social capital opportunities for Edmonton’s immigrant and refugee communities.

Getting Holiday Cultural Boxes Curated

EdmontonEats started in early October to test recipes to see which ones would make our Holiday Cultural Box. This takes multiple days and sessions with our Cultural Hosts. We will be sure to find tasty recipes for all our guests.

Soon the Cultural Boxes will be available for purchase. For now, we have the spice blends and a cookbook ready for delivery.

Online Cooking Parties

Want to host an online cooking event?

Deepen your connection with one of EdmontonEats’ Cultural Hosts by organizing a Cooking Party. During the Cooking Party, one of our Cultural Hosts with the assistance of Chef Cindy Lazarenko will lead you through the preparation of a specialty cultural dish. It is a fun, interactive, learning experience.

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