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The mission of EdmontonEats Multicultural Culinary Events is to connect people through the celebration of food, culture and community while providing economic and social capital opportunities for Edmonton’s immigrant and refugee communities.

We had a Great Weekend !

Thank you to our Guests for being part of the Valentine Weekend. It was a fun, delicious weekend. Here are some of their reviews of the event.

Loved meeting the Cultural Hosts.

I enjoyed everything to be honest as there was such a variety of topics throughout the weekend from trying new recipes and meeting the cultural hosts, learning about bees and running a bee farm, trying new products (smoked honey and spices), kitchen tips, where to buy local.”

I enjoyed going out of my comfort zone making a multi-layered cake! The presentation from the bee farmers was fascinating. So many new delicious recipes! Thanks to everyone!”

100% of our guests rated the event as as high and very high quality and 100% of our guests rated value for money at very good and excellent.

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Cultural dishes and spices enjoyed by our guests

Photos of the Action

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