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This holiday box includes spice blends and recipes put together by our cultural hosts.

  • Falafel Mix Kit
  • Hariseh Cake Mix Kit
  • Chicken Pasta Mix Kit
  • Curry Bengali Chicken recipe with spice blends and rice kit
  • Somalian Tea Blend by Guuto Mother Cooperative
  • Five all occasion cards by BILD Photography

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Dimensions 32 × 26 × 11 cm

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  1. The Recipe kIt Box
    Hallo Edmonton Eats!
    I am studying your website because I would like to support a social enterprise, not a commercial business.
    That’s why I need to know –
    How do I pay for the Recipe Kit Box? Will I get a receipt?
    Will Edmonton Eats deliver at no extra cost to a home address in the city of Edmonton?
    Will delivery take place before Christmas? And will you phone the recipient first to tell him when delivery will take place (I want the Kit delivered securely of course.)
    I see that the cost is $55.00. Is there any tax on this? Is the Recipe Kit Box still available?
    Thank you! I hope you can reply soon. Good luck to your excellent social enterprise.

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