EdmontonEats Holiday Cultural Box Event is our response to keeping physical distance while still sharing the foods and culture of people from around the world. The boxes celebrate the wonderful, welcoming multicultural city where we live and thrive. Our cultural hosts – Afaf (Libya), Maria (Bangladesh), Entessar (Syria) & Doona (Syria) – have learned these recipes from their mothers and grandmothers. Sharing their food, recipes and spice blends are what keeps their cultural memories alive. 

Often with family recipes, the exact ingredients and amounts are known intuitively rather than recorded in recipe books. All of our food boxes have been developed by the hosts, tested by Chef Cindy Lazarenko, and tasted by our hosts to ensure they reflect the flavours and textures of their traditional cuisines. 

A number of our partners have added to our boxes to create the Celebration Box. These provide a professional twist with tastes from Egypt, Syria and a local speciality from the Culina Family. Also included are non edible items: a paper bowl from Sri Lanka artisans, greeting cards from the photography of Miguel Mayorquin from Columbia, and a beautiful candle votive from Pottery by Sabine. 

Our four cultural hosts who have created the boxes earn all the revenue generated by the sale of the Holiday Cultural Boxes for their families.

Wishing you joy and happy tasting!

The EdmontonEats Team

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