New Event: Design Your Own On-Line Cooking Event

Deepen your connection with one of EdmontonEats Cultural Hosts by organizing a Cooking Party. During the Cooking Party, the Cultural Hosts in partnership with Chef Cindy Lazarenko will lead you through the preparation of the Host’s cultural dishes.  It will be a fun, interactive, learning experience. 

The EdmontonEats Cooking Party will include:

  • Delivery to your home, the recipe kits that include specialty items or spice blends you need to prepare the dish(es).
  • A cultural component with the Cultural Host talking about their food and its cultural connection.
  • Skill testing games on food and culture.
  • Information on the ingredients you need to have, what to prepare before hand, where to purchase supplies and a recipe. 

You Can Design It

 Bring a unique ethnic cooking experience to the homes of your friends, family, and colleagues by inviting them to join a Cooking Party that you organize. As the organizer of a Cooking Party, you can choose the date and Cultural Host and dish(es) that are featured. In this way, you can share a fun cultural food experience with others, while simultaneously empowering our Cultural Hosts. The only commitment we need from you as an organizer is your support in signing up at least 8 guests to join your party. Since everyone can connect virtually, this is a fun and rewarding experience!  

The Personal On-line Cooking Party represents our effort to continue realizing our mission. It also serves as a vehicle for others to demonstrate their generosity and commitment to supporting a local social enterprise. We are excited about this new initiative and invite you to be a part of it!

NEXT STEP:  E-mail  with your questions and thoughts.  Give us your phone number and we will call you back to chat about possibilities. 

We are in planning a number of events for the spring of 2021. This includes:

A Mothers Day and Eid al-Fitr Celebration with specialty sweets

Cultural Cooking Parties Online

Stay tuned for more details!

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