Who are we?

EdmontonEats creates connections between families interested in sharing their culinary expertise and other Edmontonians looking for unique experiences, new acquaintances and great food.

EdmontonEats is for people who
o Enjoy tasting new flavours
o Learning about our diverse cultural heritage
o Celebrating talent
o Networking
o Supporting local economic development

Our Impact

Impact on Family and Cultural Group Hosts

Short Term: Hosts will boost their household income and feel proud to have their individual stories and cultural identities celebrated at the event.

Long Term: Hosts report that they are more connected with their communities including involvement in community leadership and economic opportunities.

Impact on Local Community

Short Term: Collaborative partnerships will be built among citizens, business and agencies will be mobilized and products will be sourced locally.

Medium Term: A sustainable social enterprise will be created that will benefit people through direct income and job opportunities while developing deeper social connections in multicultural neighbourhoods.

Impact on Guests

Short Term: Guests gain cultural awareness of the countries of the people who are a vibrant part of our diverse communities.

Medium Term: Guests share their knowledge with their networks, helping to break stereotypes around different cultures and take actions in their neighbourhoods.

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