Community Leagues

Bannerman Community League

Bannerman Community League was critical to the early success of EdmontonEats, providing administrative services and continues to partner in marketing the project and supporting events. The Community League Executive are always welcoming to community members who want to try new things in the neighbourhood.  Their mission to build a welcoming, inclusive community makes Bannerman a great place to live for all the community members.

South Clareview Community League

When COVID-19 made use of NAIT’s kitchen’s impossible, South Clareview Community League made its commercial kitchen available to EdmontonEats.  Thank you, thank you to the South Clareview Community League.

Bellevue Community League

Bellevue Community League provided space to assemble the Holiday Cultural Boxes. It was a great space to welcome cultural hosts in an environment that allowed for social distancing with the collective action of preparing the boxes for the event. Providing access to their centre was greatly appreciated.

Post Secondary Institutes

NAIT supports EdmontonEats in many areas.  This included helping EdmontonEats host its first dinner which was served at the famous Ernest’s Dining Room. The students in the Culinary Arts Program worked with the cultural host families to help prepare and serve dinners. Marketing support was provided to advertise the dinners and raise awareness of Edmonton Eats. They have been involved all three events held in 2019-2020.

Community Organizations

Communities United

Communities United is part of the End Poverty Edmonton initiative, a collective of organizations and individuals located in five North East Edmonton neighbourhoods. It supports EdmontonEats both in kind and financially.

Edmonton Multicultural Health Brokers (MCHB)

MCHB is a group of 75 Multicultural Health Brokers representing 25 different cultural and linguistic communities in Edmonton. MCHBprovides connections with families in North East Edmonton and provides the services of cultural liaison. The organization provided a cultural liaison who supported three women from Somalia to be part of an EdmontonEats event.


e4c is a non-profit organization working to prevent and eventually eliminate poverty. They have provided EdmontonEats with connections to families in North East Edmonton who are interested in participating as cultural hosts.


C5 is a collaborative partnership of five leading Edmonton agencies including Terra, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Boyle Street Community Services, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre. They provide connections to families in North East Edmonton who are interested in participating as cultural hosts.          

Leftovers Foundation

The Leftovers Foundation was created by Lourdes Juan to ensure nutritious food is kept out of the landfill and instead is redirected to service agencies and into the hands of those who need it.  Leftovers supports EdmontonEats with sale of tickets to their events. 

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