Our Partners

Host Family Partners:  Community families/family groups have identified a keen interest in being part of EdmontonEats.  Now living in NE Edmonton they have come from from Libya, Eritrea, Somalea, East Africa and Mexico. We anticipate that nine events will be held over two years.  This will directly impact some 35-40 new Canadian families, with an estimated 900 Edmontonians participating.

Advisory Team:  The Advisory Team is made up of people with strong connections to the community, experts in sustainable social enterprise, and those with food industry experience. They will provide overall direction and decision making for the project.

Bannerman Community League:  The league is pleased to have it’s name associated with this concept and to partner in marketing the project.  

Communities United:  A collective of organizations and individuals located in five NE Edmonton Neighbourhoods, an initiative that is part of End Poverty Edmonton.  The collective will co-ordinate supports both in kind and financial. Matthew Taylor, Communities United Co-ordinator will sit on the Advisory Group.

Edmonton Multicultural Heath Brokers:  Will look to provide connections with families in NE Edmonton and provision of the services of a cultural liaison to assist with the pilot.

Haimi Sibbat:  Community connector and community member is on the Advisory Team.  Haimi brings lived experience of the immigration and has a broad network of connections with people in the neighbourhood who would love to share their culture through a culinary event.

Paper Lime Creative:  Katie Dooley, graphic designer has created the logo image for EdmontonEats. www.paperlime.ca

NAIT Culinary Arts Program:  Will partner on this project in many areas.  This includes hosting a number of dinners to be served at the Earnest Dining Room. The students in the Culinary Arts Program will work with Host families/family groups to help prepare and serve dinners. Marketing support will be provided to advertise the dinners and raise awareness of Edmonton Eats. 

Plated Public Relations: Jacquie Duval, Director, is creating a social marketing campaign.  This will include a facebook page, instragram account, developing content and communication strategy and implementing and managing the social marketing campaign. http://www.platedpr.com/services

E4C:  Is a non-profit, charitable organization working to prevent and eventually eliminate poverty.  They work in the NE of Edmonton and will provide connections to families who are interested in participating in EdmontonEats events.  http://www.e4calberta.org

C5:  Is a collaboration of social service agencies that offer programs and services in Northeast Edmonton.​​ They will provide connections to families in NE Edmonton who are interested in participating in EdmontonEats events and provide space Steering Team meetings. Mohamed Elsaghir, C5Northeast Hub Manager is on the Steering Committee. https://www.boylestreet.org/c5-ubuntu   

Leftovers Foundation:  The Leftovers Foundation exists to ensure nutritious food is kept out of the landfill and instead is redirected to service agencies and into the hands of those who need it.  Leftovers.ca Lourdes Jaun, Founder and Executive Director and Morgan Allen, Edmonton Manager. Leftovers is supporting EdmontonEats with sale of tickets to their events. https://rescuefood.ca/  

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